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Nourishing Our Fallopian Tubes

Caring For Our All-important Fallopian Tubes

Our fallopian tubes – these delicate pathways, are where the amazing magic of conception often occurs.  Keeping them healthy is important!  Let’s chat about some natural ways to support these pathways!

  1. Nourish with Nutrients – The fallopian tubes are sensitive and inflammation can be harmful to them.  Nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium which will support tissue repair and reduce inflammation can be helpful – colorful veggies, seeds and nuts!
  2. Enzymes have been praised for their ability to break down scar tissue, which could be helpful for blocked tubes – think pineapple and papaya.
  3. Gentle movements – Fertility focused yoga or gentle stretches an boost circulation to the reproductive organs, including the fallopian tubes.  These will send a gentle, healing stream of blood and nutrients to your tubes with every move.
  4. Warm Up with Castor Oil Packs – Warmth and love are just what our tubes need!  Castor oil packs are an old remedy that involves applying warm castor oil to the abdomen.
  5. Holistic Therapies like acupuncture and herbal medicine can play supportive roles in improving fallopian tube health.  They work by bringing balance to your body which is essential to reproductive health.

Supporting the health of your fallopian tubes can help to make your fertility journey smoother.

If you have questions or just need to brainstorm some issues, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We can walk this journey together!  Reach out here!

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