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Guiding you on the path to creating fertile ground for your

baby’s first home and empowering women. . .

one birth at a time

Lisa is a Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach and a Certified Holistic Fertility and Hormone Coach specializing in Hormone Balance, Natural Fertility and Birth, Postpartum Care and Preconception Planning.  With over 20 years of experiences, she has empowered couples to have amazing birth experiences.  She helps women connect with their inner resources to discover their true beliefs about themselves, their relationships and their abilities to birth and parent their children.  As a childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor and a certified doula, she believes the journey into motherhood is a rite of passage and life-changing.  She believes this passage should be celebrated and honored.  She guides women to optimal health with compassion, knowledge and gratitude; specializing in hormone balance, fertility, birth and postpartum care.


Natural Fertility

Her unique approach to preparing the body for conception is revolutionary.  By balancing the energies within the female anatomy, she supports in bringing forth the natural environment that, in turn, enhances and maximizes chances for conception.  Her fertility program includes protocols that help with the underlying issues of infertility.  This process brings together powerful fertility enhancing methods, giving a high level of emotional and physical support and high success rates.


Lisa has studied with some of the top fertility experts in the industry.  Using many diverse complimentary therapies, her practice empowers wellness in mind, body and spirit.


Help From Preconception Through Menopause

If you need answers to your health issues, need help balancing your hormones, thyroid or gut health, or a healthier way  of optimizing your fertility, she can help.   If you are currently undergoing IVF or IUI, contact her for help with helping your body prepare for this and optimize your chances for conception.  Need help with preconception planning, she has programs to help prepare you emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If you are looking for birthing options, her years of experience and her knowledge of local practitioners and hospitals as well as knowledge of home birth, will help with your decisions for empowering your birth.  She is also available for postpartum doula services, helping you and your family with managing all the stresses and responsibilities a new baby brings.  As a fertility, birth and postpartum doula she can help with every step of your journey into motherhood.