Welcome to Women’s Integrative Health.  How would it feel to know you are supported, listened to, guided and supported throughout your health journey?  That is my goal for you.  Getting to the root cause of your health concerns while treating the whole person and the root of the issues means that we will go through a process that will help us to REBOOT, REFRAME, REPAIR, RECHARGE and REPLENISH you emotionally and physically.  Whether you are struggling with hormone imbalances, fertility issues, gut, thyroid or blood sugar issues, let me help get you on the path to feeling better.

It seems we are constantly being bombarded from everyone about the answers to our hormone symptoms.  There, unfortunately is not one magic pill, diet, or even product or habit that is the one right solution – especially not for every single person.

And there is one thing that is not up for debate if you are trying to heal fertility and hormone symptoms:

Uncovering your unique and specific root cause is THE  quickest and most important first step to finally healing your symptoms for good.

It really doesn’t matter if your symptoms have just popped up in the last few months OR you have been struggling for years.

This truth about your healing journey remains the same:

It is completely possible to find relief from your symptoms naturally without strict rules, overwhelming restrictions or complicated protocols.  You do not have to hop onto a plan that feels super limiting.


  • Do you really want to keep throwing things (diets, supplements, food rules) at the wall and see what sticks?
  • Do you want to keep bouncing around from doctor to doctor feeling hopeful, but still leave confused and lost each time?
  • Do you want to keep pouring time, energy, and your soul into finding the answers but keep falling short?

This is definitely the path that many are on.  If you are looking to get off this hamster wheel, I’m here to guide you on uncovering your root causes and applying nutrition and lifestyle healing strategies that will work for your unique body.

I will first help you figure out what is out of balance in your body so we can address that – this is using a root cause approach to understand why your symptoms are showing up.

I will give you the map that guides you through the sea of conflicting information to the truth and how that applies to YOUR body.

You are not stuck because you are not trying hard enough.  You’re stuck because there really isn’t much out there that ties this all together in a way that is easy to understand, what to do feels simple and doable and that also ties in our mental and emotional connections to our physical symptoms.

Without a step-by-step plan and strategy to follow, uncovering your root causes and healing your symptoms in a way that is simple and doable can feel almost impossible.

Let me help!

Are You Expecting? 

Congratulations!  Pregnancy and birth provide an amazing opportunity to step into your power precisely because it is a relatively unknown experience.  An experience that unfolds rapidly and is culturally wrapped in a package of fear.

Even if this is not your first pregnancy, each pregnancy is unique and full of new decisions that need to be made.  What resources do you have to make those decisions?  You don’t know you don’t know AND what you don’t know can cripple your decision making process and your success.

So, let me help you fill in the gaps of your own understanding of your body and the process and get armed with the information and resources to have an Empowered Pregnancy and Birth!

Are You Ready?

  • to learn more about what your options in childbirth really are
  • to step into your full potential and nourish your body and your baby
  • to learn practical ways to trust in your body, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and your journey through it all
  • for real information, real tools, and real skills that will make a positive impact in your pregnancy and birth right now
  • to know how to hire and fire your medical provider if you are not happy
  • to learn more about what true Informed Consent is and how to communicate your preferences with your provider even when you both do not agree with the care plan

Do you sense that there may be more to pregnancy than simply having a health baby?  Because you’re right!  Your experience matters and I want to help you have the most fabulous experience possible with everything you need to do that in one place, at your fingertips.

Get in touch today so we can work through your goals and desires for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  I’m here to help!

As a Certified Pre-& Postnatal Coach and a Certified Holistic Fertility and Hormone Coach, I can provide you with specialized care and programs designed for your needs and goals from preconception through menopause.

As a Certified Holistic Fertility and Hormone Coach, I help women who are struggling with infertility and hormones imbalances get pregnant naturally or eliminate their symptoms through the Hormone Puzzle Method and Cycle Syncing.

Keeping families healthy is my goal.  Providing you with options for optimal health and providing you with the education to support those options is how we will achieve that goal.

Let me know what’s on your mind and how I can help.

I’m here to offer answers, give guidance and direction and offer a new, healthier way of creating health for you and your family.

Let me know what’s on your mind and how I can help.

I’m here to offer answers, give guidance and direction and offer a new, healthier way of creating health for you and your family.


Thanks for visiting!