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Heal Your Cycle with The Healing Power of Vaginal Steams

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  • The basics of selected female reproductive health issues (what is endometriosis anyway?)
  • Some absolutely fascinating historical terms for “vagina”
  • How to cope with yeast infections
  • Step-by-step how to yoni steam

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Now how vaginal steams can heal your cycle!

Vaginal steams (bajos in Spanish) have a long history of use by traditional healers in various parts of the world.  Vaginal steams are very beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, from painful menstrual cramps to infertility.  They can help the http://uterus empty itself more completely, dredging out old tissue and blood that may have been there for months or even years.  Vaginal steams are easy to do on your own at home.

Steams can assist in healing a wide variety of gynecological issues.  They are effective at enhancing fertility, and assisting in postpartum recovery.


Steams support:

  • Dark blood at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle
  • Postpartum and post miscarriage or post DNC
  • Promotes fertility by tonifying the tissues
  • Menstrual complaints and irregular cycles
  • Endometriosis
  • Muscle tightness
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Fibroids
  • PCOS
  • Fertility
  • Adhesions/blocked fallopian tubes
  • Bladder/vaginal infections
  • Perineal tear/scars/episiotomy
  • Menopause
  • Menopausal dryness


For fertility, do them the week before menstruation and again just before ovulation.

What to expect:  You should expect changes in your vaginal discharge and menstruation; these are normal cleansing reactions and a good sign that waste material is being removed from your womb.

Use 1 quart fresh herbs or 1 cup of dry.  Herbs used for steams are generally those that are very aromatic and always non-toxic.  The list of herbs is not meant to be a complete list of every possible herb you can use; they are some of the most commonly recommended herbs for steams.  These are generally easy to find – they can be purchased in bulk at a local health food store or herbal shop.  The herbs can be used dried or fresh.  Never use essential oils in vaginal steams.  Always choose organic or wild plants when possible.  These recommendations are to be used with vaginal steams only and not internally.

Motherwort:  Tonifies the reproductive system and increase circulation to the pelvis.  Balances hormones.

Mugwort:  Cleansing-physically ad spiritually.  Balances hormones.  Can help bring on menses.

Yarrow:  Astringent.  Cleansing.  Anibacterial.  Good for infections.

Oregano:  One of the top herbs for steams.  Best herb to bring on menses.  Uterine stimulant.  Increases low, inadequate menstrual flow. Antiseptic.  Prevent infections.

Lavender:  super relaxing herb, calms the spirit, mind and body.  Antispasmodic.  Nourishing to the nervous system.  Emollient, very soothing to irritated tissues.

Marigold/calendula:  Cleansing, induces perspiration of tissues.  Very healing for irritated skin or scars.  Activates the lymph.  Gentle energy.

Rosemary:  Increases circulation to the pelvis, clears out old blood and fluids.  Antiseptic and very cleansing.  Brings concentration and focused energy.

Sage:  Astringent.  Spiritually cleansing.  Release emotional and energetic blockages.

Basil:  Can bring on menses.  Reduces menstrual cramps.  Antibacterial.  Blesses the woman receiving the steam.  Spiritually cleansing.

Rose petals:  Relaxing and uplifting.  Mildly astringent.  Increases self love, releases stuck emotions.

Chamomile:  Relaxing, calms the mind.  Soothing to the vaginal tissues. Anti-inflammatory.

Addressing Specific Conditions:

Long/Irregular cycles:  Oregano, basil and mugwort.  Helps bring on the blood.

Scanty bleeding:  Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort.  During the last week of the cycle.

Painful menstrual cramps:  Motherwort, basil and lavender.  During the last week of the cycle.

Enhance fertility:  Oregano, motherwort, rosemary.  Steam 3 days starting at the end of menstruation.  Repeat the last week of the cycle.

PCOS/Ovarian cysts:  Rosemary, motherwort and lavender.

Endometriosis:  Oregano, motherwort, yarrow, and rose petals.

Fibroids:  Motherwort, basil, sage, oregano and calendula.  Can be done every 2 weeks, but contraindicated if there is very heavy flooding menses.

Adhesions/blocked fallopian tubes:  Oregano, rosemary and mugwort.

Bladder/Vaginal infections:  Yarrow, oregano, lavender and calendula.  Steam 2 days, wait a few days, if symptoms persist, repeat.  If symptoms worsen, discontinue.

Postpartum:  Oregano, calendula, motherwort and basil.  Steam 3 days within 9 days of the vaginal birth.  Okay if bleeding.  Check with practitioner first.  Wait at least 6 weeks after a c-section birth.

Perineal tear/scars/episiotomy:  Calendula, lavender, yarrow.  Wait till wounds are closed and stitches have been removed.

Menopause:  Rosemary, oregano, motherwort.  Steam several times after the end of they cyclical bleeding.  Helps empty out the uterus completely before bleeding stops for good.

Menopausal dryness:  Lavender, calendula, chamomile.

How to Make and Prepare for a Steam

After you have chosen your formula, 1 – quart fresh herbs or 1 cup dry herbs, place herbs in a pot of lukewarm water with the led on the pot.

  • Let sit overnight.
  • The following day, bring a gentle simmer for 20 minutes and then let steep for 25 minutes with lid on.
  • Set your space, turn off your phone, put music on, grab a favorite book, light incense or candles, make a cup of your favorite tea.
  • Place the pot under a slotted chair, step stool with a slot, lawn chair or water bath canner with a wooden toilet set on top.
  • Remove your clothes from wait down, leaving socks on and keeping your upper body warm.
  • Sit on your designated seat over the steaming herbs and drape your lower body with blankets that extend all the way to the floor to ensure the steam is contained and directed upward.
  • The steam bath will introduce a lot of healing heat to your labia, vaginal canal and the to the womb.
  • If necessary, create a small vent to allow excess steam to escape, it should feel pleasant.
  • Sit over your steam for at least 20 minutes. Simply enjoy the healing and nurturing time you have set aside for yourself.
  • Rest quietly after the steam in a warm room, free of drafts, open windows or air conditioning for at least 20 minutes.
  • When you get up, dress warmly and protect yourself from cold drafts or sudden temperature changes for 24 hours.
  • Release the herbs and water back to the earth giving thanks for supporting your healing.

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