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Essential Oils Are for Balancing Hormones


Balancing Hormones with Essential Oils

Let’s look at which essential oils are and how essential oils are used for balancing hormones.  By learning how to use and knowing which essential are oils for balancing hormones, you can take charge of your hormonal health by using healthy alternatives to hormonal birth control or other pharmaceuticals that may end up being even more harmful to your hormonal health and well-being.

What are essential oils?

  • Derivatives of plants
  • Concentrated form of phytonutrients
  • Distillation allows to derivation of pure components
  • Been used for thousands of years
  • Very safe if used correctly
  • Can be used on a regular basis

Why are they so effective for women with hormone issues?

  • They can be used every day
  • They have a significant effect on the brain and the limbic system

    How Essential Oils Help Optimize Fertility

  • They balance the brain pathways in the body
  • You can use specific essential oils for specific symptoms
  • If used correctly, they are safe to use frequently to help to reset abnormal patterns, especially beneficial when trying to balance hormones and insulin levels
  • You can substitute essential oils for endocrine disruptors and toxic chemicals found in some cosmetics and cleaning agents

Hello Monday!

Good Beautiful Monday!

Well it’s been about 6 weeks of steady rain and although it may not be beautiful, bright and sunny, it is still a beautiful day! It’s been 2 weeks since my last post about my weight loss journey, and let me tell you it’s been a roller coaster.  The first few days started off strong and quickly fizzled away as it usually does, and you know what?! It’s okay because even though I ‘fell off’ or had a rough day with the exercise and eating healthy, it’s best just to pick yourself up and keep on going.  So no! It doesn’t have to be a Monday.  Many times in the past I’ve said, “It’s Friday and I’ve slipped up.  Looks like I have the weekend to do whatever I want before Monday comes again, yes I’ll start again Monday.”  For example this past weekend we had my step daughters dance recital.  This means that from Friday after I got out of work until 11:30 pm and then again on Saturday from 10am-1130pm we lived and breathed dance! This makes no time for regular routine eating or hydrating.  In between both recitals on Saturday we had an hour to go home and grab a quick dinner that turned into scarfing down Chinese and rushing back to get the girls hair, makeup and outfits back on.  Through all of this I could have beaten myself up and said well I messed up, I have until Monday again.  No I wasn’t proud of my food choices, but decided in order to be healthy I needed to ‘treat’ myself and know it’s okay.  So, on Sunday my fiancé, my step son Nick  and I got right out of bed and went for a 2 mile walk/hike.  How great did we all feel when we got back after that walk!? It was more than just being proud of ourselves for having the motivation to do the walk, but also we were able to enjoy the quiet peace of a beautiful country morning.  Not only was it good for the body it was good for the mind and soul.  It’s hard to realize sometimes after a long day of work how tired we can be and how exercise seems like such a task, but once you look at the big picture and how all encompassing exercise, no matter how big or small, can benefit us entirely! You’re probably asking if I’ve weighed myself and the answer is no.  I will eventually weigh myself, but I know how my clothes fit and how I feel and the amount of energy I have.  Though my journey of weight loss and Chiropractic as a patient and as a Dr., I’ve learned my body like never before.  Knowing your body and what it’s capable of and what it can handle is key.  As you get to know yourself better, you’ll be better and healthier no matter what!

Here’s to continuing the journey and always being positive about the future! There’s no need to say ‘we’ll do better’ because we ARE better.  As long as you’re trying and doing your very best, be proud.

Yours in Health,


Stress and its Affects on Your Body


When you’re stressed about something, anything…your whole world can be viewed differently.  In most cases when we think about stress we think about our jobs, our daily lives, friends, family and so on.  It is heard of that we hear people saying: “I can feel I’m carrying my stress in my shoulders, neck, low back,…” Pick any one of them, but it is also common for people to actually feel an emotional and physical manifestation from the caused stressor. 

Let’s talk about other types of stressors on our bodies besides what was mentioned above.  Physical trauma, whether low or high impact, environmental, and chemical are three other causes of stress which don’t necessarily present with any “symptoms” right away. 

Not only can stress cause significant emotional deficits, it can also cause great physical deficits.  As chemicals (hormones) that are related to stress in our bodies are released, our body chemistry changes.  In order to deal with these changes our body must adapt to the new circumstances. 

Because the nervous system is the master controller of all muscles and organs in the body, reducing stress on the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments will frequently lead to improved health in the entire body. -Amplified. Make sure before symptoms present themselves you get your nervous system checked by a Chiropractor!

Please come back frequently and read our posts as we delve deeper into the affects of stress on our bodies and those of the people we love!

Adrenal Fatigue Is Way More Than Adrenal Fatigue

Calm on the outside but chaos inside!  Is this you?  Adrenal fatigue is more than adrenal fatigue.  If:

  • You stress out a little more than you should (anxiety is experienced, medication is being suggested)
  • There are recurring health problems being seen that no one can figure out and even all the best diet and behavioral modification isn’t shifting things
  • Early trauma, family members under high amounts of stress or were sick
  • Other threats were commonplace early on such as bullying or verbal abuse which creates fear and high stress physiology
  • Experiencing challenges keeping stress under control

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