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Adrenal Fatigue Is Way More Than Adrenal Fatigue

Calm on the outside but chaos inside!  Is this you?  Adrenal fatigue is more than adrenal fatigue.  If:

  • You stress out a little more than you should (anxiety is experienced, medication is being suggested)
  • There are recurring health problems being seen that no one can figure out and even all the best diet and behavioral modification isn’t shifting things
  • Early trauma, family members under high amounts of stress or were sick
  • Other threats were commonplace early on such as bullying or verbal abuse which creates fear and high stress physiology
  • Experiencing challenges keeping stress under control

you could be experiencing adrenal fatigue which means taking steps now to get your nervous system healthy and taking steps to rewire this out of whack stress physiology is key before things get any worse.  If not addressed, it will most likely get worse and more issues will arise.

Today we have a whole health industry serving adults (40-50) that had and a lot of childhood stress and continue to have stress today.  No one told them that stress was toxic.  Stress keeps us in the fight-or-flight mode and compromises our adrenals in the process.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about how this is affecting your health and what we can do to change the impact it is having on your life.

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