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Finding Joy on Your Fertility Journey? Really?

Taking time out to find what fills your heart with joy!

What fills your heart with joy?  What makes you truly happy?  What is your craft, passion, joy?  Do youFinding Joy dance, garden, knit, sew, play an instrument, Bible study, read, hike, ride your bike, bake, build?  What is it that you create in your life that fills your heart with pure love and joy?  Do it as much as you can each day or week.  Create happiness because when you do, you become a healthy, fertile being!  Here is how you can find joy on your fertility journey!


The Fertility Journey Funk

  • Are you tired of your daily struggle with your fertility issues?
  • Sick of timing, charting, thinking, worrying about your fertility?
  • Wondering when it will be your turn to be a mother or father?
  • Have you taken time today to honor where you are at on your fertility journey?
  • Have you thanked your body for all that it has done for you today?
  • Have you taken a moment to find joy in each day are are alive?

If no – today can be the day to change your perspective.

Maybe you have been waiting two weeks, excited that this may be the month you get a positive pregnancy test, and then your bleed starts.  Perhaps you finally got in to see the Reproductive Endocrinologist only to find you have low ovarian reserve and blocked fallopian tubes.  Some may have multiple fertility struggles.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”  ~ Heraclitus

Make a Joy Plan

This may sound silly, but aren’t we supposed to have fun?  Write down your answers to each of the following:

  1. What in your life makes you truly happy?
  2. What is something that you absolutely love to do?
  3. What is something you can do to honor yourself each day?
  4. What is something you can do to honor your fertility each day?
  5. Name the most important part of your life.
  6. What is the most nourishing part of your day?
  7. Is the most nourishing part of your day a healthy choice that inspires joy within your heart?
  8. How important is laughing to you?  Did you laugh today?

“Joy is a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace – a connection to what matters.” ~ Oprah

Hang your questions and answers near your bed, so that each night before bed you focus on the joys in your life.  The list will also be something you see as you rise each new day.  Sometimes we loose sight of the parts of our life that make us happy.  Those other parts of our lives, the ones we love are the helpers.  Those are the parts that get us through the struggles, help to heal and keep us moving forward.  Without them we cannot be fertile or healthy.  So each day go through your list and try to get in each of the 8 on that list that are important to you.  Maybe you can combine a couple.  Allow yourself to make your happiness a focus.

We have many resources to help support you in a positive way on your Natural Fertility Journey.  We want you to know we appreciate and honor you for  being here!  If you are feeling lost or needing support, or just some assurance you are not alone, please contact us for help on your fertility journey.  Some ways we can help:

Book a consult HERE

“We need Joy as we need air.  We need Love as we  need water.  We need each other as we need the earth we share.” ~ Maya Angelou

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