Anxiety and depression has become a way of life for many of us.  Many of us live very busy and stressful lives. Unfortunately, the stress this causes on our body depletes our adrenals, raises our cortisol levels, messes with our blood sugar and this stress leads to many health issues.  Stress literally affects every system in our body.  It causes inflammation which leads to many illnesses.  Chronic stress can cause hormone imbalances and fertility issues. It robs us of living a happy and fulfilled life.  We are often in perpetual “fight or flight” response mode.

If you are having chronic health issues, skin issues, feel fatigued, have low libido, poor memory, irritability, insomnia, a sense of hopelessness and feel overwhelmed, we  can help.  See where you fall on the Stress Scale – download the assessment HERE.  After you take the assessment enter your scores here and submit them to us.  We  can help with a plan for reducing your stress, therefore reducing anxiety and depression.

You can use your breath to manage stress.  Controlled deep breathing is helpful for stress management.  When you deep breathe you use a different part of your brain to control your chest muscles instead of the part of your brain experiencing the “fight or flight” reaction to stress.  This calms you.  Here is a breath exercise that you can download and use anytime.  Once you do it a few times it will be automatic and easy to remember how to do.  Click HERE for the breath relaxation exercise.

Did you know that coloring is a great stress reducer?  Download our coloring pages and feel how much calmer you are!  There are 7 pages that you can download and enjoy!  DOWNLOAD HERE

Download our ROADMAP to Health, Vitality and Balance.  All of our programs are designed to help with anxiety and depression and to bring your body back into balance.  We would be happy to talk with you about where you feel you could use the most help or help you design a program for optimizing your health so you can feel better and live your best life.  Contact us below and we will be in touch to talk with you and get you on your way to feeling better.

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