Today, more and more people are choosing Natural Fertility Coaching over IVF treatment.

Doctors tend to suggest IVF at the first hint of a fertility problem, particularly if you are older. That’s because most doctors are not trained in natural fertility methods. They are only trained in IVF, so it’s an “easy” solution for them to offer.

The problem is that IVF is expensive and invasive. And, it’s one shot at at time. If a particular IVF treatment does not result in a pregnancy, then you have to start all over again.

Natural Fertility Coaching is different. It is far less expensive and non invasive. But more importantly it is an ongoing treatment that helps you become healthier over time and more prone to pregnancy. It builds up your health, which helps lead to a healthy baby.

Both IVF and Natural Fertility Coaching are backed up by medical science. But Natural Fertility Coaching is more personal, less clinical, less expensive, and is far less hit or miss than IVF.  This is why people have started to choose it over IVF – and why it may be a good fertility option for you as well.

Sometimes IVF is the best solution.  Natural Fertility Coaching will help to prepare your body for all the processes you will be undergoing.   The process of IVF or IUI can be challenging on your body.  Preparing your body for  optimal health will give you better chances for a successful outcome.  For a chart showing fertility treatment comparisons, CLICK HERE.

Sometimes you can experience side effects from the medications used to stimulate your ovaries during the IVF process.  Excessive stimulation of the ovaries (OHSS) can occur.  Check out the chart showing SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS to see if you should be concerned or should seek medical care.

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