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Detoxification for Hormonal Balance

Your liver is an important fat-burning organ that helps regulate the balance of hormones in your body.   It produces cholesterol, which is the pre-cursor necessary for the creation of hormones.   The liver also breaks down and removes excess hormones and waste from your body.  In the same way a pool filter cleans a pool by catching the dead leaves, dirt and insects, the liver transforms and eliminates harmful toxins and excess hormones from your body.

If the liver is sluggish or clogged with waste material, excess hormones build up in your system (and around your waistline), leading to hormone imbalances like estrogen dominance.  Once estrogen has done its job in the body, it is sent to the liver so it can be broken down and removed through your gallbladder, kidneys, colon and urine.  If your liver is congested or overwhelmed, it is unable to function optimally and thus cannot remove estrogen at its normal rate.  Estrogen can be reabsorbed into the body contributing to symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, irritability, low libido, and depression.  Excess estrogen can make your bile from the gallbladder too thick and stagnant to efficiently flow out of the body and detoxify excess hormones.

Excessive hormonal buildup in your body further taxes and overwhelms your liver contributing to a vicious cycle of hormone imbalance.  If too many excess used hormones float around in your bloodstream, your hypothalamus might fail to signal the pituitary gland to send out fresh hormones.

Your hormones may start to interfere with one another when detoxification systems aren’t operating up to snuff.  Supporting liver and gallbladder with essential oils can help to improve their vitality and capacity to support hormonal balance.

Strengthen Healthy Liver Function

Topically applied essential oils can strengthen, stimulate and regenerate your liver.  They can help give your liver the energy and vitality it needs to perform its numerous functions and to keep up with any increased toxic burden.

Essential oils like helichrysum and grapefruit are good for your liver.  Also combining equal parts of German chamomile, lavender, peppermint and ylang-ylang with a drop of caraway can be helpful.   German chamomile helps to stimulate bile secretions and supports liver detoxification.  Peppermint also helps to soothe digestion and support the liver.  Caraway can help reduce the accumulation of fluids or toxins as well as to help to reduce lymphatic congestion and glandular swelling.

How to apply:  Apply 2 – 3 drops of the oils with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil directly over the liver (the right side under the breast)

When to apply:  Apply two to three times daily


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