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Get Ready to Learn About Cyclical Symptoms!

This week we will be looking into the most common symptoms of period issues – CRAMPS!

There generally is not just one reason why we would be experiencing period symptoms.  When it comes to cramps, it can be due to a combination of:

  1. Estrogen Dominance – Period pain can be associated with imbalances in estrogen and progesterone – i.e. elevated estrogen or low progesterone (or vice versa).  Hormone testing can help to determine exactly what is going on with your hormones to understand your unique situation
  2. Stress – Stress and the things that can stimulate the stress response – over exercising, not eating enough, caffeine, blood sugar swings – can change the building blocks needed for sex hormone production to managing the stress response.
  3. Prostaglandins – These are the inflammatory compounds released right before your period to help the uterine lining start contracting for your period.  They can contribute to painful cramps.  Omega-3s can help to balance these effects.
  4. Inflammation – Inflammation is often linked with stress and gut issues.  Signs of inflammation include digestive issues, skin issues (rashes, eczema), food sensitivities, joint pain, fatigue and brain fog.
  5. Poor Estrogen Detox – Our estrogen could be going down the more inflammatory pathway or we are not able to methylate well due to genetic variations.
  6. Gut Issues – Imbalances in gut bacteria can lead to an increase in a compound called beta-glucuronidase which can unpackage estrogen and it can recirculate in the body.  Constipation can also block estrogen leaving the body.  Both of these can contribute to estrogen dominance.
  7. Xenoestrogens – These are estrogen-mimicking chemicals/ingredients that can be found in personal care products, skincare, cleaning products, plastics and much more.
  8. Nutrient Deficiencies – Like:  Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6.  These all play a role in hormone production.  Omega-3s have anti-inflammatory effects that help to balance prostaglandins.

Healing period pain and cramps involves a combination of nutrition and lifestyle tweaks and figuring out your exact imbalances to target those for healing.  When you understand and heal the root cause, you can stop throwing all things at it and use a targeted approach that works!

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Stay Tuned  for Week 2 of the Period Symptom Series!

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