How can affirmations help with conception?

Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation.  Your self-talk, often negative, is a dialogue of affirmations.  With your words and thoughts, you are continually affirming subconsciously and this is creating your life experience.

Every thought you say or think is a reflection of your inner truth and beliefs.

It can be challenging to change beliefs and thoughts that you constantly replay in your mind.  Affirmations help you to rewrite these old messages and, therefore, change your beliefs and expectations.

In order to conceive, our bodies rely on a balance of many systems – including the endocrine, immune, and neurological systems.  They all need to be in balance and harmony for conception to occur; including your mind/body connection.

All of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs impact our body and when we change our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, we change our body and enhance our fertility.

Affirmations are positive statements.  In time, you will become used to repeating these and will see the difference they will make.

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fertility affirmations

fertility affirmations

Fertility Affirmations

Fertility Affirmations