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Holiday Stress Relief

Holiday stress relief is a challenge.  We would like to give you some ways you can de-stress during the holidays!   Take our quiz and see if you may become a victim of the holiday blues.  

  • Does the thought of holiday celebrations and  customs make you feel sad instead of excited?
  • Do you have the support system to help you thrive instead of just surviving the holidays?
  • Can you create a memorable holiday for yourself instead of stress and depression?

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Read on for more ways to help with holiday stress

Making the Holidays More Positive
Set realistic expectations 

Most holiday depression is caused by unrealistic expectations.  Plan how to achieve your goals.

Set a budget

Plan, shop sales compromise and stick to your budget.

Avoid hectic schedules

Get enough rest.  Discuss your calendar with your family.  

Regroup and revitalize

Set aside time for your favorite holiday activity.

avoid family differences

Heal past hurts.  Share fun family memories.

Help those less fortunate

Visit a nursing home or help a less fortunate family. Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen.

cultivate spirituality

Recognize and explore your spiritual beliefs during the season

prepare a self-care plan

Taking time out for self-care can do a lot for releasing the stress of the holiday season.

We would like to offer you some guides that may help during this stressful time.

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  • Gratitude Journal – being in gratitude can do a lot to lift our spirits.  When we are thankful and in gratitude, even of the smallest of things, we can feel our stressors lift and our moods lighten.
  • Practicing Self-Care Guide – our guide provides some easy and helpful ways to practice self-care at this time and throughout the year.  Some helpful practices include:  Favorite Tools for Self-Care, Practicing Self-Care When You Are Stressed, Some Home Remedies for Un-stressing Our Body!, Acupressure Tips for Relieving Stress, Self-Care Routine for Stress,  Yoga Strategies to Stress Less, Nutritional Guides for Stress Depletion,
    Reset Your Health – Reset Your Life 
  • Stress-release coloring pages – coloring has a way to help up let go of stress.  Enjoy these downloadable pages and color away!

We hope you enjoy these complimentary products and hope that this article gives you some ideas for how to handle holiday stress.  

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