Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

doTERRA Wellness Advocates can help with education and resources for using Essential Oils for health and wellness.

Discover and learn how essentials can support these systems:

  • Circulatory  (for products click here)
  • Digestive  (for products click here)
  • Endocrine  (for products click here)
  • Immune  (for products click here)
  • Integumentary  (for products click here)
  • Musculosekletal  (for products click here)
  • Nervous  (for products click here)
  • Reproductive  (for products click here)
  • Respiratory  (for products click here)

Find the information here. If you decide you want to try any of the items listed for these issue, click on the link following them and you will be brought to an order specific for these items.  I will  contact you and review your order and products and guide you through using them.  You can change items according to your needs.  The items placed together work together and can be ordered all at once of over a couple of orders.  You can also add items to these orders.

Looking to know more about using Essential Oils safely?  Find out here.

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, let me help you reach your health goals.  You can use this booklet to discover your health and wellness goals -then we can review and develop your personal plan of action.  Check here for your plan.

Join me here to learn more and start your wellness journey with essential oils.

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