Awesome Fertility Bundle!



If you have been struggling with your fertility or are considering conceiving in the near future, these guides are for you!

What you will receive:

  • Your Nutritional Guide to Healthy Fertility – This guide has everything you need to support healthy fertility through nutrition.  Comes complete with recipes, a meal planner, a fertility foods checklist along with dietary guidelines and suggested foods.
  • Your Fertility Journal – This is a complete day-by-day journal with reference charts, tips for success, and journal pages for using for three months of tracking.  You can keep track of your daily food intake, supplements, affirmations and more.
  • 75 Affirmations for Fertility and Conception gives you affirmations and a page for reflection for each affirmation with directions for use.

Used together they are a good start for gaining control of your fertility journey!

You also receive two bonus guides for FREE!

All this for only $25 – a savings for over $150!

Order today!

Guiding you on the path to creating fertile ground for your baby’s first home and empowering women . . .one birth at a time.


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