Who Am I?

I’m earned a Master’s of Science in Chinese medicine at one of the top accredited schools in the country.

I’m a California State Board Licensed Doctor of Chinese medicine. I have 10 years of clinical experience as a fertility specialist medical professional – mentored by 2 master fertility acupuncturists in my first 5 year years of practice seeing up to 30 patients per day.

I’ve completed hundreds of hours of continuing education units with a focus on fertility. I’ve shadowed 2 of the most successful reproductive endocrinologists here in San Diego in their clinic, one specializing in a minimal stim IVF technique, the other practicing a more conventional approach.
I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of women and couples become success stories by helping them to conceive their beautiful babies here in San Diego and around the world using Chinese medicine techniques. I’ve been a guest expert in countless fertility podcasts and online conventions.
I’ve hosted my own Chinese Medicine for Fertility summit and interviewed close to 20 of the top holistic fertility experts/colleagues in the field. I’m was also asked by the owners of Ear Seeds to be the fertility expert that designs the Fertility Ear Seed kit.

Fertility Activation Method

Are you finally ready to get pregnant… naturally, safely and with complete confidence so you can have the family you’ve always wanted?

The Fertility Activation Method is a complete pregnancy protocol for future moms like you.

Designed to show you the exact steps, and give you all the step-by-step protocols you need to boost your chances of getting pregnant naturally and safely, as easy and fast as possible, no matter how long you’ve been trying or how many times you’ve failed!

You can find out more here.

Total Pregnancy Wellness

This is a self-acupressure program with a variety of instructional self-acupressure videos to support each trimester of pregnancy and the most common complaints, along with labor preparation and support, postpartum and lactation support and baby massage.  Find out more here.

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