Do you have concerns about your child’s health?  Are they suffering from allergies, eczema, asthma?  Would you like to know how to keep your child healthy all year long?  Our children’s health is our biggest concern as a parent.

This current generation of children – your children and mine – have a rising number of health problems they are facing, and the unprecedented number of medications they are prescribed – from the treatment of eczema when they are babies and young children, to the potentially dangerous overuse of tylenol and antibiotics for every fever, ear infection and sore throat, to the number of medications prescribed for ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

We can help navigate your child’s health concerns and guide you to some natural remedies.  Getting to the root issue is the key.  Let us know what you are struggling with.

Does your child go to an in-home daycare or a daycare center?  Rev It Up Recess! is an amazing curriculum of fitness that we bring to your child’s daycare facility.  We bring kid’s fitness and physical education classes  to your daycare.  Let us know below if you would like more information or would like our program brought to your child’s daycare facility.

Let us know below how we can help.