Preconception Planning

Are you considering having a baby in the near or distant future?  If so, a pre-conception plan can help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for bringing a baby into your family.

We are bombarded daily with elements that hinder and hurt our reproduction.  Environmental toxins, emotional stress, physical issues as well as our nutrition deficiencies all play a role in our ability to conceive.

Starting a pre-conception plan before conceiving can help you to optimize your chances for conception as well as preparing your body in the best way for maintaining the pregnancy and bringing a healthy baby into your life.

What would a pre-conception plan look like?  First, we would look at environmental factors, health issues, family histories, lifestyles of you and your partner, nutritional analysis and any testing you may wish to have completed – we would look at those results and see where we can help to make them the best to optimize conception.

We would take a look at any emotional issues and blocks you may have to conception.  Clearing these issues now will be beneficial when you are ready to conceive.

Have you been on hormonal birth control?  Did you know that using hormonal birth control can greatly deplete you of many nutrients?  Many of these can cause issues when trying to conceive.  We will develop a plan to increase these deficiencies so they will be at optimal levels at conception.  It can take a full year for the hormones to be out of your body after taking hormonal birth control.  Also, if you have nutritional deficiencies from this use, it can also be passed on to your baby.  It is important to replace depleted nutrients before conceiving.

So, we will focus on 5 main areas:

  • Environmental factors – making sure internally and externally your environment is conducive to a healthy fertile body
  • Lifestyle – making sure you are allowing and supporting your body to heal and regenerate
  • Nutrition – making sure you are getting the right foods for your unique body and specific health conditions and guiding you to eat fertility enhancing foods
  • Emotionally – identifying if there are emotional issues and blocks needing resolution
  • Testing – what tests will be beneficial for you and then interpreting those tests and coming up with a plan for optimal fertility for conception

Each plan is geared to your specific needs and goals.  You can contact for a complimentary consultation where we can identify where you would like support and how I can help.  You can use form below and I will be in touch with you to set up a time for your complimentary consultation.

Here are three resources to help determine where your fertile and hormone health are at this time.  Click on each title and download – let me know how you make out with each!

Fertile Health Self-Assessment Worksheet – this will help you to see where you may have issues at this time.  Let me know what your answers are and I can help you determine what you can do next.

Hormone Evaluation Quiz – This quiz will give you some insight into how your hormones are functioning presently with some suggestions on how to start gaining hormone balance.

Fix Your Period!  How to Work with Your Cycle for Optimal Health – This will give you insight into the 4 unique phases of your cycle, what is happening during each of those cycles and action steps you can take today to feel better during each of the 4 phases.

Thank you and best wishes for you on this amazing journey!

Guiding you on the path to creating fertile ground for your baby’s first home and empowering women. . .one birth at a time.

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