The Essential Doula
The Essential Doula
Who is the Essential Doula?

I always felt and said - "I wish I could just show up at Labor and Delivery.  I know I can help!"  Little did I know at that time that yes, I could actually make this a reality, be trained and actually support laboring moms.  It is my passion and truly my calling in life.

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Discovering The Essential Doula
What is a Doula?
Doulas fulfill the role of emotionally supporting a pregnant woman through labor and childbirth, helping her to advocate for herself and communicate with her caregivers.
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Research has shown that Doulas reduce cesarean rates and preterm births.

In most cultures women birth with the help of other women supporting them through their labor and into the postpartum period.  Doulas fulfill that role.

Doulas are trained in the process of birth as well as how to support women and families emotionally throughout the birth and postpartum period.  

We are trained in techniques to help with position changes that can help the labor to progress as well as guiding the couple through each of the stages of labor and delivery.  

We also help with comfort measures and help the partner support the laboring mom.

We help the couple develop a birth and postpartum plan, guiding them to discover the choices that are best for them as a family. 

It is my greatest honor to support a family while a new family member is being born.


Effective Labor Positions
Download your copy and bring with you to use during your labor and delivery.  Practice different positions prior to delivery and see which ones are your favorites.
Birth Plan Template
If you would like some guidance developing your birth plan, click on download and your template will be available for you to start  developing your birth plan.
Postpartum Care Plan
Most women don't think about a postpartum care plan.  Download our template and develop yours.  There may be things you have not even thought about or considered.
Pretnatal and Postnatal Journals
Looking for a Prenatal and/or Postnatal Journal?  Check these out!  Order one or a set of both.  Postnatal Journal is now available in paperback.  These make great gifts!
Enjoy this Meditation for Labor and Delivery and Lisa's TV Interview
More Goodies!
Let me show you how I can support you through the Birth Doula Client Process.  Click here for more information.

Download Your Ultimate Birth Bag Guide

Download this guide for help with a fertility cleanse.  Often when struggling with fertility issues, a cleanse can be very helpful.

This plan will include working with you on this plan, giving you meal plans that will optimize nutrition for fertility and guide you along every step of the way.

For more support, join out 30-day online program.  You can find out more information and sign-up for this program here.

Looking for the best whole-food prenatal vitamin?  Click here for all the information on my favorite prenatal.
Download this guide 10 Tips for Your Best Birth
Download this Birth Mantra.  Say it often.  Put around your home and office.  Say it till you own and feel it!
Download this recipe - Mother's Gift Cookies.  They are delicious and help with the production of breast milk.
Download your copy of Affirmations for Pregnancy and birth.
Download this video on essential oils and pregnancy.  
Looking for some support or have questions?  Are you having issues with sleep, joint pain, nausea, or other pregnancy related issues?  You can find more info on how to use essentials oils for these issues and many others here.  I will be in touch to help with products and information on how to use them to support your health concerns.
Looking for a prenatal yoga class?  B.A.B.Y.  (Body Awareness Birth Yoga) is a wonderful program that helps prepare you mentally and physically for a healthy pregnancy and labor.  Find more information here.

Holistic Birth Services - For more information on available birth services, check here.

Now Available! Use Your HSA/FSA Cards for Payment for Doula and Postpartum Services

My promise to you:

  • Using my knowledge, skills and experience I will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be
  • I will work closely with you to bring clarity and help you to set goals that align with your values, desires and priorities.
  • I will work with you to develop realistic, actionable steps you can take to achieve those goals; offering support, encouragement and troubleshooting along the way.
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