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How to Turn Around Your Thyroid Symptoms

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Tired most of the time;

Feeling overwhelmed,

Doctor says my tests are "Normal" but I don't feel normal;

Have memory and focus issues;

Hormonal problems;

Have been to numerous Doctors and all offer no solutions
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Optimal Thyroid Health
It's Time to Be Seen, Be Heard, Take Back Your Health!
Are You -
More tired than you think you should be (or you’re flat-out exhausted)
Are You -
Having trouble sleeping and even when do you sleep, you wake up tired
Are You -
Gaining weight and don’t know why, or you have trouble losing weight
Are You - 
Anxious, irritable, or depressed ‘Brain fog,’ trouble concentrating, or flagging memory has you worried
Are You -
Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. hypothyroidism or ‘adrenal fatigue’
Are You -
Having bloating, constipation or digestive problems
Are You -
Struggling with heavy or irregular menstrual periods or  you’ve struggled with hormonal or fertility problems, or miscarriage
Are You -
Feeling that your body has betrayed you and you’re ready to feel like yourself again
If you can relate to any of these, this program is for you!
In this convenient 8-week online program you be working on:
Week 1
Roots of Imbalance
Learn how interconnected your body systems are, and how multi-system overwhelm is at the heart of modern chronic symptoms and disease. Using Root Cause assessments, you'll Identify whether, and which of your systems are at risk, what tests you might need, and whether you have thyroid or adrenal issues.
Week 2
Get Nourished
Nourish yourself so your body has what it needs to keep you happy and healthy. Learn which foods and diets could be harming your health, which foods & nutrients you need for optimal wellness, how to balance your blood sugar, & what supplements really work for thyroid and adrenal health.
Week 3
Out of Survival Mode
This week is devoted to helping you recharge your batteries & overcome the overwhelm that keeps us in survival mode, so that you can reclaim your inner peace, sleep, and reset your natural cortisol rhythm for resilience. From sacred sleep to time management genius - you'll get a stress reset.
Week 4
Heal Your Gut
Leaky gut, SIBO, imbalances in the microbiome - gut health is tied into energy, mood, mental clarity, cravings, weight, and autoimmunity. Yet is it remarkably simple to restore gut health - which is exactly what this week's 'lesson' will help you to do.
Week 5
The Daily Detox
We're exposed to over 80,000 new environmental chemicals in our lives that impact our DNA, thyroid, hormones and more, at the same time as not getting enough of the nutrients our bodies need for optimal detoxification - the result? Overwhelmed detoxification systems. This week you'll learn to boost your body's ability to detox - and with it, reduce inflammation and balance hormones.
Week 6
Your Best Defense
From inflammation to autoimmunity to infections like the Epstein Barr Virus, the immune system is profoundly involved in the origins of fatigue, Hashimoto's, and many more processes that impact your energy and health. This week you'll engage your body's best defense.
Week 7
Thyroid Deep Dive
This week we'll take a deep dive into more specifics about thyroid health - from targeted supplements to thyroid hormone medications. You'll learn how to speak with your health care provider so you get the support you need, and we'll discuss important topics in thyroid health, for example, pregnancy and postpartum.
Week 8
Living a Replenished Life
Take what you've learned in the course and learn how to make this a lifestyle that keeps bringing you added improvement and benefit in the weeks, months, and years to come. This is not a temporary diet, 'fix,' or short-term healing program - it's about learning how to live Replenished Life!
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As a bonus you will receive meal plans for the eight weeks you are taking the course with an extra two weeks included for post-class meal planning.  They are complete with meals, prep guidelines, shopping lists and complete information about each meal!  This is also includes a recipe book for future use.  This is a huge savings in time and you won't need to try to figure out what you need and what to plan for meals.
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