Here are some of our new programs that are now available.  Let us know what you would like and we will schedule your program.  Also, we are developing new packages and they will be updated shortly.  We are excited to offer add-ons to most of our programs.  This will give you more options for obtaining optimal health.  Stay tuned!

Infant massage

This class includes specialized routines for problems most requested by parents:

  • Relief of Colic, Gas and Constipation
  • Problems with nursing and latching on
  • Problems with getting baby to sleep
  • How to soothe a fretful baby
  • Routines for fostering bonding and relaxation
  • Guided imagery and exercises to teach parents how to relax themselves and their babies.

To learn more about this class and to purchase the program    here.

Teen Pregnancy – A New beginning

This childbirth class is designed for teens; designed to help them with issues special to teen parents.  Issues with self-esteem, boundaries, pregnancy, childbirth, new infant care and postpartum are discussed.  This class is designed to give them a support system for pregnancy and postpartum as well as to education them in the birth process.

body awareness birth yoga (B.A.For B.Y.)

These sessions guide women on the journey of birth helping them to discover their inner power and strength.  Pregnant women learn to assess their individual needs, limits and abilities of their bodies through Body Awareness Birth Yoga.  B.A.B.Y. holds a single guiding principle:  My Body Knows!  We end each session with a Yoga Nidra session for pregnant moms.

bold method for birth

What would it feel like to own your birth experience?

This class provides you with:

  • Birth Fitness Routine
  • Birth Visions
  • Centering Scripts
  • Guide to Allowing Guidance
  • Guide to Birth Dates
  • Guide to Birth Pages
  • Mother Centered Breathing Techniques
  • Touch Stone Exercise (something you can have with you during labor)
  • Yoga Nidra Session

This  class will give you the tools and knowledge for an empowered birth experience.

support person’s seminar

Would you like to know how to support your partner during labor?  Are you a mom, sister, aunt, partner that will be helping your loved one during labor?  This class is for you.  It is filled with helpful suggestions and provides you with the knowledge of the birth process.  This will allow you to better support the laboring mom.  It will take the guess work out of how the help!

Early pregnancy class

This class is designed to provide you with knowledge to get you started on your pregnancy journey.  What are the different care providers available?  What do we do first?  What options are available to us?  This will help you develop a knowledge of the pregnancy journey from A – Z.  You will be able to develop a birth plan and know what to do next.

IVf prep course

Are you considering IVF, IUI or a Frozen Embryo Transfer?  If so this class is for you.  It is a 3-month program designed to get your body in optimal shape for conception.  It gives you step by step instructions on nutrition and what to do in Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3.  It’s a must if you are considering these procedures.

Oils for fertility and birth, labor and postpartum

How Essential Oils Help Optimize Fertility and Help During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum.

Would you like to know how to use essential oils to enhance your fertility?  Then the Oils for Fertility class is right for you.

Are you expecting and would like to know how to use essential oils for your labor, postpartum and with your new baby?  The Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum will be helpful for you.

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