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What's Included in Your Bundle?
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Your Birth Bag Essentials e-Book
How would it be to have tools you can have available to you throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery?  Use this guide for help and guidance during this amazing time.  The tools are sure to make this a more enjoyable and less stressed time for you.
Gentle Touch Infant Massage Online Class
Enjoy the Gentle Touch Infant Massage Online Class. Learn tools for relieving gas, colic, constipation; help with nursing and latching on; getting baby to sleep; how to soothe a fretful baby; routines for bonding and relaxation and much more!
10 Tips for Your Best Birth
10 Tips for Your Best Birth will give you ideas of how to have the birth experience you are desiring.
Affirmations for Pregnancy and Birth
Use these affirmations throughout your pregnancy.  There is space for you to write how each affirmation makes you feel.  Use them during labor and delivery to help calm and encourage you.
Birth Mantra
Use this mantra to remind yourself how amazing you are!  Use it during labor and delivery to encourage and empower you.
Effective Labor Positions e-Book
Use this e-Book for reference for some effective labor positions.  Practice them and see which ones will work for you and use them as a reference point if you are needing help with a situation during labor and need to help rotate the baby or find a more comfortable position.  Pages are including for notes.
How to Choose Your
Birth Team e-Book
Do you know who and how to choose your birth team?  Use this guide to help direct you to the members you would like on your team.
Mother's Gift Cookies
Try this delicious recipe for helping milk production.  Even if you are not breastfeeding, this recipe is nutritious and your whole family can enjoy it!
Self-Care When You Are Stressed e-Book
Today we are stressed way beyond our limits.  Pregnancy, labor and delivery can be an even more stressful time.  Use this guide during your pregnancy and beyond for some tips for self-care and reducing stress.
Effective Labor Positions Cards
This card deck contains all the positions in the e-Book.  Try them - take the individual cards with you during labor.  Use the above guide for note taking and print these cards to take along with you.
Birth Plan Template
Do you know what your birth preferences are?  Use this tool to develop the plan that best suits what you are looking for in an empowered birth experience.
Postpartum Care Plan Template
Many couples do not think about a Postpartum Care Plan.  Use this tool to develop yours - it may prompt you to think of some things for your postpartum period that you may not have thought about.
$25 Gift Certificate for the Birth Wisdom Online Program

Do you have concerns about your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period? What is your biggest issue or concern?  Have you been plagued by anxiety, stress or other health issues during your pregnancy? What do you need to feel empowered and safe for your birth experience?

This class will help relieve your anxieties, health issues and lead you to an empowered birth experience.

We can design a program and level of care that is best for you and your family.  Using many holistic services, we can help you have the birth you are desiring.  You will receive a 10% discount on any services you decide to use.  
Labor Meditation
Download this meditation for labor and birth and bring it with you when you are in labor.  May it be a source of calm and encouragement for you!
Distant Reiki/Embodiment Session
 Using multiple tools and body work, we will work to identify and release any fear, pain or trauma you are experiencing as a result of previous birth issues and these sessions are also helpful to those who are pregnant allowing us to work at anything that may be released prior to birth so your childbirth experience can be more empowering.  These sessions are available in person, via skype or phone.
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