What Can the Right Testing Do For You?
Optimize Your Fertility and Eliminate Your Hormone Symptoms
I want you to test not guess at what is blocking your hormone balance or your path to parenthood

Getting to the Root of Your Fertility and Hormone Struggles

Has your doctor told you “your normal” or maybe they won’t even run hormone labs at all.  Telling you that what you are experiencing is "all in your head" and you should just medicate it.  The problem is, you know your body and you know when something is off.  Unexplained weight gain, trouble getting and staying pregnant, terrible periods, extreme PMS all of these are your body sounding an alarm that something is OFF!  Traditional medicine treats symptoms. I want us to look at the root of why that symptom is happening in the first place.

Everyone can agree that hormones play a pivotal role in how we look, feel and how our body operates.  Even a little off can mean big trouble especially for TTC couples.  

It’s also not just about the right range (although important) but it's the right ratio and how your body metabolizes them (how you use them).  

That’s why I recommend testing and not just guessing so you can know for sure where your hormones are and know exactly what to do next. 

It’s like having a map to your treasure. It’s unlocking your body’s natural healing ability and optimizing it’s performance. 

This leads to optimized fertility and symptom-free hormones. 

These Two Tests are Game Changers! 

Knowing your hormone levels is about more than just being healthy; it's discovering the root cause of why you are experiencing these symptoms in the first place. 

What are the drivers behind the symptom?  Once you know the drivers its that much easier to fix them so your body begins to run optimally and begins to do what it was made to do, have a baby and live symptom free. 

That is why I have teamed with one of the biggest labs in the world to bring you the most comprehensive at-home lab test on the market.

They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
What Do We Test?
  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • DHEA
  • Testosterone
  • Thyroid 
  • Cortisol 
  • And all the metabolites of these hormones (how your body is metabolizing them)
Functional Lab Testing

Did you know the mineral content of your hair can serve as a roadmap for discovering what is going on in your body? 

Fertility, hormones and overall health issues?

It might be a mineral imbalance.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA is a safe and non-invasive pathology test. It measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrients and toxic minerals found in hair. It is one of the most valuable screening tools available in preventative health care.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
Testing is done privately in your home.  Your tests will be delivered right to your door with complete instructions for completing and sending the tests.  You will receive a comprehensive overview of your results and we will discuss all results and design a plan of action according to your needs and goals.
What Are We Measuring With Functional Lab Testing?

During times of TTC and especially if you are heading to 40 our levels especially estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA being off can cause all sorts of hormonal issues including fertility issues. Doing this at-home integrative functional lab test will measure your key fertility hormones and show you how your body metabolizes them to give you a full picture of your fertility.  The results in each of these areas will give you the full picture of what your hormones are doing and will be the key pieces to your hormone puzzle when it comes to getting pregnant, staying pregnant and eliminating your symptoms. 

Different from blood testing at your doctor which only shows you a snapshot of what your hormones are doing at that exact time of testing.  This test is a 24-hour dried urine test which measure your hormones in a 24 hour period as well as all the hormone metabolites (how your body metabolizes the hormones), giving you a full picture of your hormonal health.  

Why Test for Minerals and Heavy Minerals?

 Minerals are essential for growth, healing, vitality and wellbeing. They provide structural support in bones and teeth, and they maintain the body’s pH and water balance, nerve activity, muscle contractions, energy production and enzyme reactions. They are the basic ‘spark plugs’ of life.

Ideally, we should get all the minerals we need from a balanced diet. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this is rarely possible. Modern farming techniques, fertilizers and depleted soils reduce the mineral content of foods. Environmental pollutants, chemical food additives and stressful lifestyles also have a detrimental effect on our nutritional status.

Many health conditions are aggravated by mineral imbalances and toxic heavy metal excesses, including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, menstruation issues, hormone imbalance, fertility issues, perimenopause, menopause, and more. Consequently, we need to test and monitor our nutritional status more than ever.

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      Functional Lab Testing
      Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
      Functional Lab Testing and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis