Castor Oil Therapy for Reproductive health
This three-part class is for you if you experience
any of the symptoms here!
Here's how the course works:
First Appointment
Second Appointment
Third Appointment
We will review symptoms and concerns and develop a plan of action for you with complete instructions on how to make the castor oil packs, how to use them and frequency of use
We will review how you are doing and add other protocols if appropriate
We will review what has changed, what more you can do and what you can do beyond this class
What’s covered in the course?
Assessments will be made so we have an understanding of your symptoms, needs and concerns
Protocols for Therapies
You will receive your own personal plan of action as well as protocols for other symptoms 
Self-Fertility Massage
You will receive my self-fertility massage protocol to use along with the castor oil protocols
We will review protocols for the following.  You will receive information for these also!
Uterine Fibroids
Ovarian Cysts
Scar Tissue and Adhesions in reproductive system
Fallopian Tube Health
Digestion and Elimination
Increased Circulation

Heavy or light periods


Thyroid Issues


Sore Breasts


Uterine Health

Ovarian Health

Egg Health
And More!
Ready to improve your
reproductive health?
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